September 5, 2023

Watch Video: Afghans Missed a Chance they had after 37.1 overs, Neither Coach nor commentators knew there was a chance

Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Asia Cup 2023
Afghan head coach Jonathan Trott says his team had no idea that the chase was possible beyond 37.1 overs too.

Ignorance or Blunder, Whatever you call it. But this will be remembered forever.

In a Knock-out match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan in Asia Cup 2023 at Lahore, Sri Lanka set a total of 291 after 50 overs. Since the Afghanistan team had a low run rate, they had to chase it down before 37.1 overs. This was in the news, talk shows, and both teams’ notebooks. It seemed like Afghanistan was finished if they did not go past 291 before 37.1 overs.  Keeping this in Mind, Afghanistan batted really well, and they came so close that 15 were required in the last 7 deliveries.

But somehow, they got unlucky.

What Went Wrong?

The 36.6th delivery crossed the boundary, making its way through the legs of Rashid Khan. After this, Afghanistan needed 3 runs, and 1 ball was left. The strike got changed, and Mujeeb came on strike. But he caught out on that delivery. This delivered a message that Afghanistan got out of the Tournaments.

However, the cat came out of the bag when commentators revealed that Afghanistan still had a chance if they hit a six in the next 3 deliveries. Unfortunately, Rashid and the new coming batter, Fazal Haq Farooqi, had no knowledge of that. Even the team management was unaware of the fact.

Farooqi, on strike, after a bit of discussion with Rashid, decided to block the next 3 deliveries so that they could win the MATCH. This way, he stopped 2 deliveries and got lbw on the last one, propelling Afghanistan out of the Asia Cup 2023.

Even the Commentators did now know.

The commentators did not know before Mujeeb got out, that Afghanistan would be able to hit a six and win after 37.1 overs. They can be heard saying the couple on the 37.1st ball will save them, mentioning not about six. But when Mujeeb got out, Commentators revealed this hidden fact.


Watch Here

Afghanistan’s Response

Afghan head coach Jonathan Trott says his team had no idea that the chase was possible beyond 37.1 overs, too, and they only knew they had to chase the total within 37.1 overs.