May 2, 2011

Key AL Qaeda operative lived in Abbottabad in 2003

According to his assessment file released by WikiLeaks, In July 2003, the detainee received a letter from Osama bin Laden’s designated courier, Maulawi Abd al Khaliq Jan, requesting detainee take on the obligation of collecting contributions, managing travel, and distributing funds to relatives in Pakistan. Osama bin Laden stated detainees would be the official courier […]

April 25, 2011

US UK Train Pakistanis for Crackdown

US, UK Train Pakistanis For Crackdown American and British advisors are training Pakistani mercenaries, preparing them to be deployed in the UAE to crack down on protesters in the Persian Gulf country. Amid growing concerns over a potential uprising in the United Arab Emirates, the Persian Gulf state has decided to recruit Pakistani mercenaries. The […]

April 21, 2011

S Arabia Should be Given Ultimatum

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia has been actively encouraging foreign companies to invest in the kingdom and establish regional headquarters in Riyadh, according to state news agency SPA. In February, it was announced that 24 international firms had signed agreements to set up regional offices in the Saudi capital. CSG, a US technology firm, decided to […]

April 20, 2011

Bahraini Forces Rape Kill Female Poet

According to Fardanews, Ayat al-Ghermezi, a 20-year-old poet, recited poems criticizing the ruling regime and Bahraini Prime Minister Khalifah Ibn Salman al-Khalifah during protests in Pearl Square, Manama. Subsequently, she received numerous insulting and intimidating letters and emails. When she reported the threats to the police, her family claims that she was insulted and mocked […]

April 17, 2011

Israeli TV Shows Palestinian torture

Palestinian prisoners are pressured to strip their undies in front of cameras by using Israeli soldiers. Israel’s Channel 2 TV station has released video footage showing Palestinian detainees being tortured by Israeli troops in the regime’s barren region prison of Naqab (Negev) returned in 2008. The photos showed one Palestinian died and countless others sustained […]